Wednesday, April 22, 2009

[[I'm back..]]


I can't believe it. I'm back from blogging. It's been centuries after I've put into some of my cranky ideas. Moving on, a month and a half to go and I'll be experiencing a new chapter of my life.

san beda college of law logo Pictures, Images and Photos

Tada.. im not going to join a sorority but I'll surely be in San Beda Law..

Hahaha. I don't look like I'm going to be a law student. I know that too.

Second thing, Geeshh.. I'm can see my flabs already.. or my big tummy :(

I want to be thin again or at least, go back to my natural figure. How i wish I could survive this diet. It's very difficult for me because I really never had an exercise for about two or three years.

That's all.. I'm so exhausted for this week.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

[[I really really missed blogging.....]]

hey guys. how are you? anyways, i hope you're doing fine. it's our intrams this week but then i thought that it's going to be the usual intrams we had during our high school days. I really really didn't expect that it's going to be boring but nonetheless, im happy because there's no classes. Anyways, life for me is quite steady right now. All i have to think about is my friends and family. I still don't want to commit to someone cause I want to focus on to things.

My mood now is really really weird. I want to do some stuffs which is impossible. looking back to the memories i had from the previous year, i can tell that i learned a lot from those. I did change somehow but i did regret some things which happened in my life.

For those who left me, I just want to say thank you cause you made me realize that nothing lasts forever. For those who stayed, thank you cause you helped me to become a better person. Guess this is it guys. thanks.. mwah. be safe and god bless... ÜÜÜÜÜÜ☼ -07


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Saturday, December 09, 2006


UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION!!!! sorry guys...

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

[[not in the mood.]]

Here we go again with this non-sense of emotional ideas! hmmm....just want to clear things. Hay. I know I was quite insensitive in the feelings for others but I wasn't when it comes to my friends. What does people want so that i will prove to them that im sincere with my "sorry"? I just can't understand why they act so different..hhhmmmm....shit those people who treat me like this. Do you think I deserve this? I mean, look, I know I've done this before and you told me that i will do those things again. why can't you just give me a chance to change? right? hmmmmm.... i don't know.... i just don't know.... im speechless.....

love lots,

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

[[heart of mine....who is she kissing...]]

Having a lot of things to do really helps when you're trying to forget someone...This is the hardest part of letting go a person, suddenly kills you..,Looking into the brighter side, you're going to focus on the things you need to prioritize like studying and of course, what they said is your "passion". Almost everyone knows what's it right? well, i guess it will be a month til i get promoted and have my blackbelt....Hoooorraaaaaayyy! Finally, after 7 years, (i don't train during school days that's way it took me forever to reach my greatest dream) the hardships I had will surely repay everything....Moving on to my main topic, I'm trying put things back to normal and hoping for the one who'll be there for me....aaaaaaaaawwwww...shit...I hate this mushy statements again...It makes me want to cry...grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....I hate it when I cry...It really doesn't help me....It worsens things.....damn love! fuck that person who invented that stupid shit... why can't I be calm and I'm being bitter to this.? I mean hello....why am I so affected? maybe it's just because....I am still in love....It's not that I want to turn back time...I'm just reminiscing those days when we we're makes me out of control. How I wish I could be so numb so that I won't have any problems in dealing with my feelings...But then, as always, you can't call it love if you weren't hurt....aaaawwwwwwww......fuck that....hahaha.....anyways, take care alright....ciao! ciao!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

[[rv and me]]

Image hosted by
 me and rv

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

[[three weeks of semestral break....]]

Hey...what's up with you? I'm quite fine yet my mind needs rest because of our training a while ago....It's a tough one but I need to think about the gold medal which I aim to have...My brother already have some...As for me, I only have reached until silver so far...Here's some few reminders about winning...
*Never give up in your goal...
*Try to focus
*Believe in yourself...Remember that you alone can make it...Others may help but
don't think people will always be there for you...Only your family can support you...
*Remind yourself that it is a challenge to be made...

Here's a song that will lighten up your day....mwah....take care guys..

Muling lalapit
Ang liwanag sa paligid
At ang tinig
Na sa akin nagsasabing
Hindi mapipigil ng mundo
Papatunayan ang pangako

Chorus: Dahil kailangan ka
Kailangang pakita natin tayo'y iba
At kahit pa
Hindi mapigil sa mundo
At sa umagang darating
Lahat ay aking kakayanin(at kahit pa ikaw lang at.....2x.. ako)
Huwag mong iisipin
Ang mga harang sa atin
At ang ihip ng hangin ay darating
Biglang titigil ang mundo
At ang lahat ay maglalaho(chorus)
Hindi ko man hawak ang panahon
Maging ang ikot ng buhay
Basta't ikaw at ikaw pa rin
Ikaw at ikaw pa rin


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[[*Ellan The Princess*]]

optimistic, friendly, cheerful, quite restless, a true person, loves everyone, music rocks her world.outrageous.bwaha.

[[*My Adores*]]

Pasta! I love pasta!
Iced tea please...
too many to mention

[[*My Detests*]]

Flirts, too coñotic people, bitches
dirty places, too much people
labanos, okra

[[*Princess's Past Dreams*]]

[[*The Conversations*]]

[[*My Friends*]]

[[* Lay out by:*]]